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The Functions and Benefits of Using Solar Flux

1.  Removes dirt and oxides

Solar Flux contains efficient compounds which remove troublesome foreign matter by reducing or floating it.  Dirt and oxidized metal will not remain to contaminate the joint when the operator makes his welding pass.

3.  Protects the back side of the seam

Used as a backup, Solar Flux effectively prevents the oxidation of the underside.  The protective coating of Solar Flux inhibits many troublesome chemical combinations from taking place and absorbs the more refractory elements in the slag.

5.  Aids even penetration

Seams backed with Solar Flux are easier to weld and the welding pass may be made with a uniform application of heat to all areas.  The wetting action of Solar Flux allows the molten weld metal to penetrate the seam thoroughly and fuse solidly with the metal at the root.

2.  Prevents burn-through

Gaseous or refractory oxides and dirt included in the weld create stress concentrations; pockets and pinholes often form upon cooling.  Frequently they so contaminate a section of the weld that porosity becomes apparent, as well as weakness.

4.  Produces clean tack welds

By protecting the metal which surrounds a tack weld, Solar Flux assures and oxide-free seam for subsequent welding.  The clean tacks are picked up quickly and evenly, and their weld metal flows smoothly into the seam, without oxide inclusions.

6.  Supports molten metal

Backed up with Solar Flux, the molten weld metal in the seam is supported by the adhesion of the flux.  Root beads are smoothed out; the root weld metal becomes firmly bound to the alloy.

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