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About Us


Initial development of SOLAR FLUX began in the mid-1930’s when the Solar Aircraft Company, San Diego, California, was producing aircraft engine components for the U.S. Navy.  The flux was developed for one very simple reason; the company was encountering welding problems, and nothing then available on the market seemed to work.


As the Solar Company grew, they continually encountered new welding problems, so they continued to develop new flux types and refine old ones.  As the work spread and people learned of the unique capabilities of Solar’s fluxes, demand grew, and the company was forced to expand their flux manufacturing beyond that which was required for their own needs.


As the years went by, Solar grew and became part of a multi-million dollar manufacturer of heavy equipment; but they continued to manufacture and market SOLAR FLUX to satisfy the needs of the thousands of customers who had come to rely on it.  Finally, in 1973, Solar sold the Flux Division to Golden Empire Corporation, Los Angeles, California.


SOLAR FLUX Types B and I are the sole products of Golden Empire Corporation, and have been manufactured at its plant in Morehead City, North Carolina since 1995.  SOLAR FLUX is presently available both directly from the factory and from welding supply distributors around the world.


For 50 years, the Golden Empire Corporation, a proud, family business, has been the exclusive manufacturer of SOLAR FLUX. Thank you for being part of our family!

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