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Save money and time when you weld without purging.

Solar Flux

The unique welding backup flux, SOLAR FLUX is a complex chemical compound in the form of a very fine powder. When mixed with alcohol and brushed on the back of the weld joint, SOLAR FLUX is formulated to shield the BACK of the weld joint from oxygen, dissipate heat and unwanted oxides, and to clean the surface of the metal. SOLAR FLUX aids in the flow of filler metal over base metal and forms a protective barrier to prevent re-oxidation and heat scale.

SOLAR FLUX is available in two types:

For fusion welds
For every type of joint
By all arc and gas welding methods

A graphic of the Solar Flux logo.  The text is black on a white background. The "O" in "Solar" is a yellow and orange drawing of a sun.  The "registered trademark" symbol appears at the bottom right of the logo.

Instead of purging

For better, faster, easier

lower cost, x-ray quality welds

in stainless steel and high nickel steels


For large diameter pipe welding,

maintenance welding,

in-field repairs,

one-of-a-kind jobs, 

and much, much more,

SOLAR FLUX is the solution!

Thank you, to everyone who came to see us at FABTECH 2023!​

From those who had never heard of Solar Flux to those who have been welding with Solar Flux for decades, we loved having the opportunity to meet to you!

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Do you have a Solar Flux story, an interesting application, or tips and tricks that you'd like to share?  

Send them to us at, and we may feature you here on our site!

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